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Regarding War in Syria and the Power of Music--Letter to President Obama, August 28, 2013

In March at the 10th anniversary of the War in Iraq, I opened my Bible at random and read: “Now Satan stood up against Israel and moved David. . . “ As the Iraq War was on my mind, it translated, “Now Satan stood up against the United States and moved our President and political leaders to make war in Iraq.”
                                                                                                August 28, 2013
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Regarding War in Syria and the power of music

Dear Mr. President,
. The music concert at the Whitehouse last night was wonderful—music, the language of the emotions transcends the worlds.  Biblically, we are told over 500 times to “Praise the Lord” and 400 times to “Fear not.” Praise paralyzes the warlords in the spirit world.

My prayers are with you.  Please do not be pressured into war with Syria—as you know, there are no good options—just humanitarian aid. Let’s “beat our swords into plowshares.”   
Remember the recent example of Antoinette, who went by the Spirit in facing the man with the gun.  “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, power of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. . .For the weapons of our warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”Security is in the Secret Place.  God’s 911 #: Psalm 91:1
I love this statement from, The Gifts of the Spirit, by Harold Horton:
Who made babies seers and infants holy prophets? (Psalm 8)
                 It was the beginning of the Arab spring/Apocalypse ( Feb.10, 2011 ). My grandson, Noah, two, was with me at the church Ladies’ Tea, sitting on my lap putting blueberries in his mouth.  The ladies were talking about Egypt--what just had happened.   In the midst of the blueberries, Noah announced, “There was a BIG STORM and Jesus made it stop.”
                The ladies stopped mid-sentence and stared at Noah.  What did this toddler say?  And Noah, unaware that he had just given the answer to everything, kept putting blueberries in his mouth.
Mr. President, I’m grateful for your faith. (I heard your testimony on Religion and Ethics PBS.
 I heard your Easter Breakfast message. )                Remember the Master said, “Without Me, you can do nothing.” You work so hard.  Your speeches are excellent.  I’m grateful for your wisdom and calmness in the midst of such distortion and jumping to judgment.  God is the only answer to unbind and “Nothing is too hard for Him.”  Now, more than speeches, is the time to sit in the Secret Place at the feet of the Prince of Peace. As little Noah said, Jesus is the One who says Peace be still to BIG STORMS. He will give you a word. “Nothing is too hard for God”—not Egypt—not Syria.                              
Born in 1939, I have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.  I  sit in the quiet and God gives wisdom.   I wish I could be a counselor for you. “Nothing is impossible with God.”   “The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord. He turneth it whithersoever He will.”
“Sit still and see the salvation of the Lord.”
In March at the 10th anniversary of the War in Iraq, I opened my Bible at random and read: “Now Satan stood up against Israel and moved David. . . “ As the Iraq War was on my mind, it translated, “Now Satan stood up against the United States and moved our President and political leaders to make war in Iraq.”
I was working on this letter when last night’s concert came on and you spoke of the power of music. I was ready to copy down these powerful examples of victorious battles of which music plays a part: Psalm 100; II Chronicles 20; Acts 16:20-24; Nehemiah  6; I Samuel 16:23;Judges 6-8; Luke 2: 13, 14.

                                                                                Blessings, love and prayers,
                     Shining River

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After I faxed the President I received this email—excellent!
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10 problems with the latest excuse for war

August 26, 2013
If you own a television or read a newspaper you've probably heard that we need another war because the Syrian government used chemical weapons. If you own a computer and know where to look you've probably heard that there isn't actually any evidence for that claim. 
Following are 10 reasons why this latest excuse for war is no good even if true . . .
1. War is not made legal by such an excuse.  It can't be found in the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the United Nations Charter, or the U.S. Constitution.  It can, however, be found in U.S. war propaganda of the 2002 vintage.  (Who says the federal government doesn't promote recycling?)
2. The United States itself possesses and uses internationally condemned weapons, including white phosphorus, napalm, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium.  Whether you praise these actions, avoid thinking about them, or join me in condemning them, they are not a legal or moral justification for any foreign nation to bomb us, or to bomb some other nation where the U.S. military is operating.  Killing people to prevent their being killed with the wrong kind of weapons is a policy that must come out of some sort of sickness.  Call it Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
3. An expanded war in Syria could become regional or global with uncontrollable consequences.  Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, China, the United States, the Gulf states, together with the NATO states; does this sound like the sort of conflict we want?  Does it sound like a conflict anyone will survive?  Why in the world risk such a thing? 
4. Just creating a "no fly zone" would involve bombing urban areas and unavoidably killing large numbers of people.  This happened in Libya and we looked away.  But it would happen on a much larger scale in Syria, given the locations of the sites to be bombed.  Creating a "no fly zone" is not a matter of making an announcement, but of dropping bombs.
5. Both sides in Syria have used horrible weapons and committed horrible atrocities.  Surely even those who imagine people should be killed to prevent their being killed with different weapons can see the insanity of arming both sides to protect each other side.  Why is it not, then, just as insane to arm one side in a conflict that involves similar abuses by both?
6. With the United States on the side of the opposition in Syria, the United States will be blamed for the opposition's crimes.  Most people in Western Asia hate al Qaeda and other terrorists.  They are also coming to hate the United States and its drones, missiles, bases, night raids, lies, and hypocrisy.  Imagine the levels of hatred that will be reached when al Qaeda and the United States team up to overthrow the government of Syria and create an Iraq-like hell in its place.
7. An unpopular rebellion put into power by outside force does not usually result in a stable government.  In fact there is not yet on record a case of U.S. humanitarian war benefitting humanity or of nation-building actually building a nation.  Why would Syria, which looks even less auspicious than most potential targets, be the exception to the rule?
8. This opposition is not interested in creating a democracy, or -- for that matter -- in taking instructions from the U.S. government.  On the contrary, blowback from these allies is likely.  Just as we should have learned the lesson of lies about weapons by now, our government should have learned the lesson of arming the enemy of the enemy long before this moment.
9. The precedent of another lawless act by the United States, whether arming proxies or engaging directly, sets a dangerous example to the world and to those in Washington for whom Iran is next on the list.
10. A strong majority of Americans, despite all the media's efforts thus far, opposes arming the rebels or engaging directly.  Instead, a plurality supports providing humanitarian aid.
We might better spread democracy by example than by bomb. 
There are nonviolent pro-democracy movements in Bahrain and Turkey and elsewhere, and our government doesn't lift a finger in support.
But if you remember all those years of protesting wars and wishing millions of foolish partisan Republicans would join us in protesting blatant mass-murder even though the president was a Republican, I have good news for you.  The Republicans are leading the way in pretending to oppose war this time.  So, if you Democrats, who I'm sure were 100% sincere in opposing wars some years back are still ready to act, maybe -- just maybe -- we can build right now the sort of broad movement we've wanted.
If you're not too busy.
~ David Swanson serves as Secretary of Peace in the Foreign Affairs Branch of the Green Shadow Cabinet of the United States.
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