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Letter to President Obama--Syria, Iran, Power Vacuum

                                                                                                                January 31, 2014
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Regarding Syria and Iran

Dear President Obama,
                My prayers are with you.  I feel your policy is right regarding Iran, the lifting of sanctions and seeking diplomatic solutions.
                For Syria—I’m grateful that you did not take military action as this would not have helped, but just made the situation worse.  However, I wish that you would not insist on regime change for humanitarian aid.  Help the people.  Remember lessons from Iraq.
(1)      April, 2003 Michael Jordan (New York Times) told Margaret Warner (PBS) “. . .what you have here is a power vacuum. The Saddam Hussein regime has been dislodged, and nothing has taken its place. And in this vacuum, there are a variety of forces here that don't welcome the American presence. What you have is remnants of the old regime. They're basically people with no place to go, and they would prefer to see the Americans leave, so they could try to make some kind of comeback. I think you have some Iranian- inspired efforts perhaps, because they also are trying to influence the internal situation here. I think that there may be some just out-and-out terrorists. I think Iraq is going to be a bit of a magnet for al-Qaida- type terrorists who want to attack American forces.  . . .”

(2)   April 24, 2003, Robert Nolan wrote:
Power Vacuum   Though most Iraqis welcomed the fall of Saddam Hussein, his removal  has left a gaping power vacuum that U.S. administrators are struggling to keep vacant -- at least until they can assume control of the country and quell widespread chaos. “The region is still crisscrossed with rivalries and blood feuds between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.
(3)     Jesus said that if you take out a demon and don’t put something in its place, (there’s a vacuum—it’s empty)  7 more demons come and the last state is worse. Matthew 12:44; same principle Exodus 23:29,30
(4)     Book of Daniel: Iraq, modern day Babylon.  There is regime change, government and laws reversed—not by war, but by prayer and God revealing secrets.  Elisha—“There’s a prophet in Israel who tells the king everything you say in your bedchamber.” (II Kings 6:8-23) This is true intelligence and also an example of “If your enemy hunger, feed him.”
(5)     The collective consciousness  must be considered—not just removing a leader-another example—Egypt.
(6)     As has been said:  What America learned from Iraq: Iraq a school for terrorists.

Dear President, I pray God give you wisdom and understanding.  There is nothing wrong in reversing your position with greater insights.                                                                 
Blessings, love and prayers,

Sheilah Hill


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