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They Turned the World Upside Down

They Turned the World Upside Down
Holy Troublemakers

Over 20 years ago I was at Christian Retreat near Bradenton at my father’s invitation.  He lived in Sarasota and loved Christian Retreat.  He had arranged for all his kids to go free--I am the eldest of 6 and the only one who took him up on this.  There were no rooms available except The Executive Suite—so that is what I was given—The Executive Suite—it was beautiful with  kitchen, living room, besides bedroom. A remarkable experience happened to me there—see Why I Wrote Taking Communion With Muddy Feet. 
      On the last day of August I have my daughter's car and I'm taking a nostalgic journey to Christian Retreat.  She had given me googled directions—which leads the back way—good roads but hardly any cars on the road—so I can enjoy the country side and observe the little towns and houses along the way. I love this!  

             Near the end of my journey I come to a very small town, Parrish.  I look at my google directions and I'm puzzled--did I miss a turn?  I have the distinct feeling, however, that "I am in the right place at the right time."   

      I look around for a place to inquire.  I stop at a little gas station store--however, the two Mexican young men smile, but can't help me.  Down the road--a church--lots of cars.  I'll go there. 

        As I walk  into the vestibule, I hear the pastor reading from Acts these words, "They turned the world upside down! 

   The words are electrifying!  God said those words right then--it was "the proceeding Word" !  

             I open the door and someone hands me a bulletin.  I tell a man, George, that I need help--directions.  This nice man comes out into the vestibule and tells me how to go--very easy. I give him my book, La Verde de la Vida. 

       Then I ask him where the restroom is.  (When you go by the Spirit, it is important to pay attention to your body--if you are thirsty, sleepy, hungry, need to use the restroom--this can lead you to the right place.  One time I went past a store--I was both thirsty and needed to use the restroom.  I had prayed to see a lady.  There she was--right in front of me in the checkout line .  As we were standing there,  the register broke so we had plenty of time to talk.) 

          Anyway, George tells me,  “Go to the next building, through the double doors. . .”.  As I go in the next building, the  pastor's  message continues over the intercom.  It was the same message so strong inside of me that I had unsuccessfully  tried to share here and there—with some churches, etc.   It was wonderful to have this rapport.  I  thought, I must hear the rest of the message.   So I went back to the vestibule and sat down and listened until he was finished--tears were in my eyes to hear God's heart and what was on my heart that the people  of  the Bartow church and other places just didn't seem to receive.  The first time I went to the Bartow church, I gave the pastor my letter about the Refugee Children at the Border. He did nothing with it.   I was looking for a Spanish church--My book has a Spanish name. 

You can listen to this message on line:  Holy Troublemakers:  August 31, 2014 

Parrish United Methodist Church 

            It was around 9:00 when I left--service at Christian Retreat 10:00 so I have plenty of time--just about 15 minutes to Christian Retreat. 

Below is a Kenneth Hagin sermon I listened to this morning.  I didn't mean to post it to you, but I was posting it for someone else and it came out.  When Faith is weak and you think all is lost
Holy Troublemakers

            The next day, September 1, 2014,  after I have been at Christian Retreat,            

for some reason, I open to E.M. Bounds book on The Power of Prayer.  I was startled to read:

 August 30 entry: 


“Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore,

to send out workers into His harvest field.”   Matthew 9:38 

      God can work wonders if He has a suitable man.  [woman] People can work wonders if they let God lead them.  The full gift of the Spirit which turned the world upside-down would be useful in these days.

     People who can stir things mightily for God, whose spiritual revolutions change the whole aspect of things, are the universal need of the church. 

     The church has never been without these people.  They are the standing miracles of the divinity of the church. Their example and history are an unfailing inspiration and blessing.  We should pray that such people would increase in number and power. 

    I pray today, Father God, that men and women who can stir things mightily for Your good purposes will increase in number and power in the world.  Amen.






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